Friday, August 31, 2007

Go Red for Women!

"Go Red for Women Luncheon" Thursday, September 13, 2007 Springfield Hilton 12-1:30 pm.

For information about participating or to add your name to the invitiation list, please contact Tammy at 698-3838 x3 or

Look for this billboard around town!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sunday, August 26, 2007


After being the FIRST photographer in IL to be listed on, I am getting LOTS of requests for this type of session! If you saw us downtown yesterday and stopped to watch or ask questions...these images are for you!

Partying at Lil Princess Wishes!

Emily celebrated her 9th birthday HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL style at Lil Princess Wishes! Annette and everyone at Lil Princess Wishes does a FANTASTIC job of putting on a party for little girls! They do EVERYTHING! I think my favorite thing is that they even carry the gifts out to the car for you! Now that's service!

All the girls were waiting for a SPECIAL guest...who could it be?

When you're having a High School Musical party of course you have to get "Troy" to perform! Springfield's own T. Duncan Parker surprised the girls with an AWESOME performance. The birthday girl was invited on stage to sing with the STAR!

This is the AWESOME cake that LPW had especially designed for Emily's party. Wow!

Lil Princess Wishes has the BEST "Princesses" working there! They did EVERYTHING!

The birthday girl with T. Duncan Parker!

You're never too old to have your picture taken with a STAR!

Daddy had a special High School Musical gift for the birthday girl. It's an autographed picture of Zack Efron and Corbin Blue, stars of High School Musical 1 and 2.

Mommy had a special gift for Emily too! Tickets to see Hannah Montana...4th row!

Thanks to everyone that made Emily's birthday party the BEST ever!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I LOVE these kiddos!

Here is one for their poor mom that thought maybe there weren't any good shots. Enjoy!

Love the shoes, love the boots, love the tatoo!

Love Your Heart!

This ad will appear in the Illinois Times tomorrow!

How 'bout this for school SPIRIT?

Or should I say school ATTITUDE! Love these!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Always the Bridesmaid, never the bride? Let's TRASH that dress!

101 degrees in the SHADE!

If that's an exageration, I would be surprised! It sure felt like it!

The H2O Trash Session!

This session started off like any other and then ended this! With BRIDE and BRIDESMAID in the water! More to come!


Be sure to check out the original TRASH the DRESS website! You will see ME listed under Photographers in Illinois! I was the first photographer located in Illinois to be listed on this AMAZING website! Are you ready to TRASH the DRESS?