Saturday, June 30, 2007

WYMG Bikini Car Wash!

These CRAZY images are from the 100.5 WYMG Bikini Car Wash at the Trading Post Saloon! Let me know if you heard me on the radio! Thanks LIZ!

And the WINNER is...

If you are a 2008 Senior MODEL and you have not voted for a winner in the contest, it is your last chance. Email me NOW!

2008 Senior MODEL from this weekend!

The 2008 Senior MODELS are so lucky! Not only did they get a mini modeling session in the Spring, they also get to come back for their REAL senior session. This is one of my 2008 MODELS. We had a great time hanging out at various questionable locations. LOL It is not too early for Juniors to start thinking about applying to be 2009 Senior MODELS. The 2008 MODELS will help me pick the MODELS for next year! Think about it!

Let's Get TRASHED!

Check out! You will see Kimberly Smoot Photography listed as a member under Illinois!

I am having a LET'S GET TRASHED party! YOU are invited!

WHEN: to be determined

WHERE: to be revealed

WHAT: You wear your prom dress and get AMAZING photographs! Each model will receive a FREE 5x7 image from the PARTY! The only thing is, you have to be willing to get crazy, get dirty, and get trashed! (check out for more details)

RSVP via email at (let me know if you are FOR SURE interested and FOR SURE that your mom won't care if you ruin your dress!)

Recent Senior Session

Friday, June 29, 2007


Be sure to check out and look for Kimberly Smoot Photography under Photographers in Illinois! Due to a HUGE response after being listed on TTD, the FREE session time slots have all been filled. Call for information about these AMAZING sessions! 217.793.2164

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Attention Skateboarders!

Just had to share one more image. I would love to photograph more skateboarders! Call me for your ACTION images! 217.793.2164

WDBR Babes of Summer Contest Winner will be Announced!

The winner will be announced at 7:20am on Wednesday on 103.7 WDBR. Listen for Dave and Dina to announce the winner of the $400 portrait collection from Kimberly Smoot Photography. After the winner is announced, I will also add some images from the contest to my blog. Check back!

LOVE these locations!

This senior came from out of state to be photographed at Kimberly Smoot Photography. We had a great session and just beat the rain. That's central Illinois for you!

Monday, June 25, 2007

It's time to pick a WINNER!

This was the contest...Take a picture of something that says KIMBERLY SMOOT PHOTOGRAPHY! Be CREATIVE. Be CRAZY! The winner will WIN a FREE Senior Session ($300 value).

The 2008 Senior Models from Kimberly Smoot Photography will be the judges for our first contest. If you are a 2008 Senior Model, please email me with your vote. The winner will be announced on FRIDAY! Even if you are not a judge, you can post a comment telling the world which entry is YOUR favorite!

Check back for our next contest!














Senior Session!

As promised! More to follow. Check back!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Toast of the Town!

I photographed an awesome party tonight! There were Irish dancers, Bag Pipe players and an Irish band. Killarney at the Lake had it ALL! This event will benefit St.John's Children's Hospital. Thank you to the hosts and hostesses. The guys looked especially HANDSOME in their Irish attire!

kimberly smoot photography is the FIRST photographer from ILLINOIS to be added to the TRASH THE DRESS website!

I am so excited to be the FIRST photographer from ILLINOIS to be added to the Trash the Dress CRAZE that is sweeping the nation! Check out to see me listed! Trash the Dress has been featured on Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight and National Public Radio! Can you say, "WOO HOO?"

TRASH the DRESS...continued.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

From today!

The mom of these sweet boys just emailed me the nicest message! Thanks for making my day!

Senior Session!

Tie Dyed Senior Session!

Trash the dress...LITERALLY!

You may have heard Dave and Dina talk about on WDBR 103.7. I was mentioned as the FIRST local photographer to be doing that type of session. I am currently offering Trash the Dress sessions for FREE for a limited time. This image is from my Trash the Dress session this week! We trashed the dress...literally! Oh, and the garbage man assured us that the grease on her dress would come out with Shout! I swear!

Cute as can be!

Just have to share! Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I ended up at ShoeTopia!

Go downtown and take a look at ShoeTopia! It is an AWESOME boutique full of SHOES! You will also find Sassy Chic jewelry by local artist Mary Anne Holloway! Just one image to share from my photo session that ended up at ShoeTopia!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

For my little friend!

I hope I didn't delay your bedtime too long! Here is the image from today, as promised! Thanks for the picture you drew for me! It's a keeper!